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$240,000 In Accounting Fees for an Events Company

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The Problem

Lonsdale Events is a party rental management company in North Vancouver in business for over 30 years. A new owner took over the business and immediately focused on increasing profits. They inherited a full-time bookkeeper from the previous owner. The accounting process was tedious and time consuming. They knew there must be a more efficient way to handle their books and started researching options.

The Solution

After a quick call with Rocket, the new owners received confirmation that they were not using technology and most of the bookkeepers’ tasks could be eliminated. After developing a new accounting system and outsourcing their finance department to Rocket Accounting.

The Outcome

This client is now saving more than $50,000 a year! In the next 5 years, our client will save $250,000.

“$240,000 In Accounting Fees for an Events Company”

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in Tax Savings per Year

in Accounting Fees over the next 5 years

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