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Payroll Services to Pay Everyone on Time

Never Miss a Payment: A Hassle-free Way To Pay Employees

Do you lie awake at night wondering how you’ll make payroll in time? Naturally, this is scary for many business owners. That’s where Rocket Accounting comes in! We help small businesses like yours save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on admin and payroll processing. Get all the benefits of our payroll services with none of the headaches.

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Why You Need Payroll Services.

Every Business Needs to Run Payroll. Not All Do It Right

A missed paycheck can mean late bills, overdue fees, or challenges in meeting rent or mortgage payments. And worse, the loss of trust and morale among your employees. Outsource your payroll management to our dedicated team and we’ll take the pressure off of running payroll.

We help small businesses streamline their online payroll system to ensure employees are paid on time, every time. From calculating accurate wages and deductions to tax filings, trust us to handle your payroll with precision and care.

We’ll guarantee your employees are taken care of and your payroll is done right.

Payroll Made Easier

Let’s Start Your Payroll Services Today?

What We Offer.

Our Payroll Services

Spend less time thinking about payroll with Rocket Accounting. We’ll set up your payroll to make your tasks more efficient and straightforward. Opt for payroll services that meet your current business needs — don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Calculating Pay

Monthly Payroll Reports

Direct Deposits

Payroll Tax Filing

Canadian Compliance

Pay Stubs

Record of Employment

Deductions & Contributions

Up-To-Date Records


Stress-Free Payroll Support When You Need It

Save hours each week figuring out payroll. With us, you can have the best of both worlds – the convenience of payroll automation combined with the expertise of real payroll accounting professionals.

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Cloud Payroll Software

Effortlessly access and manage payroll online from anywhere with cloud-based software. All employee data is securely centralized in one system. 

Ongoing Maintenance

With continuous support and maintenance, we’ll keep your payroll system up-to-date and handle tax changes and compliance requirements.

Remote Or In-Person

Get the most out of your meetings with our team. Whether you prefer virtual or in-office meetings, we’ll work when and where you need us.

Flexible Packages

Only pay for what you need with our transparent pricing plans. You have total control over the payroll services your business needs at a flat monthly fee.

Benefits #1

The Best Payroll Services Are Now Online

Proper small business accounting from day one provides you with a clear, accurate, and real-time overview of your business’s financial health. Avoid the inconvenience of dealing with receipts and invoices piling up, becoming an overwhelming task that eats up your valuable time.

Our CPAs and bookkeepers will optimize your accounting process to ensure that you’re organized and compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements. Let our small business accountant efficiently handle your finances.

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Benefit #2

Accurate Payroll Services At Affordable Prices

DIY payroll may cost less, but it takes away from the time you need to run your business. Moreover, even small mistakes in payroll calculations can result in significant fines and penalties. By outsourcing your payroll to professionals, you can save yourself the stress, pay employees on time, and stay 100% CRA compliant.

With Rocket Accounting, we’ll handle all aspects of your payroll—all at an affordable price. Let us help you achieve payroll perfection from your very first pay run and beyond.

Why Choose Us?

You Hate Payroll. We Love It. Let Us Take Over

Many small businesses struggle to keep up with payroll. But you don’t have to. With Rocket Accounting on your side, we’ll do the legwork for you so you can focus your energy on growing your business. No more worrying about missed paychecks or keeping up with changing payroll regulations. As your payroll providers, we’ll handle everything from maintaining records to accurately calculating pay and filing year-end tax documents.

Beyond that, we do more than just payroll automation and crunching numbers. Our professional CPAs are here to provide the financial support and advice your business needs as it grows. From bookkeeping and accounting services, we’ll help you through every stage of your business journey.

Let us be your payroll partner and feel the Rocket Accounting difference.

Ready To Talk About Outsourcing Your Payroll Services?

If you’re tired of running payroll yourself, talk to our lead accountant and find out for yourself how we can simplify and automate your process.

We Put Our Clients First and It Shows