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Bookkeeping Overhaul Reduces Taxes by $28,350 and Personal Taxes to Zero

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The Problem

Stuart came to us with three years’ worth of corporate tax returns filing to complete. The bookkeeping was semi-prepared but with a lot of errors and missing information.

The Solution

After a conversation with Stuart, we decided it would be better to start the bookkeeping from scratch. Not only would it be cheaper for us to redo the bookkeeping, it was actually more cost effective. After completing each year, alongside Stuart’s personal taxes we were able to find several tax planning strategies. We were also able to spot several expense categories that were overlooked by their previous bookkeeper.

The Outcome

Although Shahz has moved onto a different career path, his corporation is still active and saving him taxes every year.

Overall, we were able to save Stuart approximately $28,350 in corporate taxes while reducing his personal income taxes to zero.
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Saved in Corporate Taxes
“Kam and his team have been a great asset to me and my business. He is clear and concise, helps me understand my options, and his billing has been transparent. It has taken a huge load off my shoulders bringing them on to do my personal and business accounting. Strongly recommend.”

Stuart Morton


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